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Ola TubiI was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria. I was raised in a Christian home attending my mother’s church, Hoares Memorial Methodist Church, now known as Hoares Memorial Methodist Cathedral.

I attended Igbobi College Yaba for my secondary education from September 1973 till June 1981. I went to the University of Lagos, Nigeria and I graduated with a degree in History in 1984.

I became a Trainee Accountant at KPMG Peat Marwick in April 1987 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in May 1990. I worked in Nigeria as an accountant till I left for the United Kingdom in 1995.

About the time when I was leaving the university, I met a lovely lady, Yewande who I am proud to say is my wife of 23years and counting. We are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Temidire who is growing into a lovely lady like her mother.

At a point in my life I drifted out of church and did my own thing. When we had a baby, my wife said she had to go to church. She chose (Jesus House – RCCG) and I obliged her by driving her there. I conveniently ran errands until the service was over and went back to pick her. After much harassment I started staying for the services and actually enjoying them. I even graduated to attending the mid-week services.

At this point in my life I felt fine and I did not think it was necessary to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Things changed on Easter Sunday 1994, when the Preacher made an altar call with so much urgency that I realised I was running towards the altar without a care in the world.

When I came to the United Kingdom I joined Christ’s Disciples Mission serving wherever there was a need. The call to the ministry of prayer happened in 2001 when there was a void in the Prayer Ministry and I found myself telling the Senior Pastor that I would join the Ministry and the Church would grow stronger by God’s grace.

Over the years I have been growing in faith, trying to serve God and encouraging others to do the same. There have been challenging times but God had seen me through and He continues to do so. In times of weakness and failure God has lifted me up and set me on the right path.

By the grace of God I have developed a passion for prayer. This is borne out of a desire to reach out and talk to my Father. I have found out that Prayer becomes part and parcel of the man who reads or better still studies the Bible. This discovery led me to write writing a prayer blog – Prayer Pointers in 2010.

The book, Praying the Word of God: Turning Psalms into Prayer is the next step in my desire to help the old and the young pray effectively by praying God’s word back to Him.

On December 19 2009 I was ordained as a Pastor of Christ Disciples Mission International and on November 21 2010 my wife and I were sent out to start the LightHouse branch of Christ’s Disciples Mission.