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Isaiah 60: 1 – I Stand Up

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Jesus said to the dead girl in Mark 5: 41 arise and the girl arose. Jesus spoke to the sleeping disciples in Mark 14: 42 rise up and let us go. The angels said to Lot in Genesis 19: 15 take your wife and daughters and leave this city. In Genesis 13: 17, God said to Abram, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it unto thee.

From the above, it should be clear that “arise” can mean different things to different people depending on their spiritual and physical state at the time the command is issued. In the past few days, we have learnt that some people are spiritually dead, some are sleeping and some are sitting with the wrong people.

You could also be hiding your faith. You are not proud to be identified as a Christian. Jesus said in Mark 8: 38 if anyone is ashamed of me and my message, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when He returns to the glory of the Father. What would happen if Jesus is ashamed of you? It is time to stand up and be counted.

Today, it is also a call to action to those who sitting down and doing nothing about their spiritual lives or about the millions who need to hear the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Without you standing up, they will still be under lock down by the devil. Many who are bound by sickness and disease, poverty, darkness and sin have to be released into the marvellous light of God. It is time for the manifestation of the sons of God. Peter standing up with the eleven in Acts 2: 14 spoke and over three thousand were added to the Church.

Arise, my brother and sister. Stand up and move from where you were. Without standing there can be no shining. Let there be a determination to stand up for the light has come. Christ is the light and there has to be a change because your heart has received a new colour. Let the love of Christ envelope your heart and move you forward.


Thank you, Lord, for your light that has risen upon me. I arise from slumber and every form of weakness. I refuse every lie that I have previously believed that is contrary to the word of God. I rise to take my place and to impact my generation in Jesus name. Amen

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