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Psalm 1: 1 – Sitting With Mockers

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Yesterday just as we assessed whether we are sleeping spiritually, today we assess, who do I sit with? Do I sit with mockers or at the feet of Jesus to learn and talk to Him?
Our text contrasts the path of the righteous man with that of the “unrighteous”. The righteous do not walk or receive counsel from the ungodly, nor does he mingle with sinners and he does not sit with mockers. The result is that he is blessed which means he is happy and fully contented with his life.

It is really a simple question. Who do you associate with? Do you sit down where God and the things of God are not sacred? It is agreed that presently in most countries, there is freedom of speech and association modern day, where men are free to do as they please.

Mockers are those who treat the Almighty God with contempt and derision. God, His servants and those who revere and worship Him are regarded as fools. They criticize, pour scorn and ridicule God. Such people do not see or regard what the Bible states as sin to be such. They gladly partake and believe while here on earth it is better to enjoy now because man does not know tomorrow. The concept of heaven and hell are not regarded as real.

It is understood that you might have been like this before you found Jesus Christ and you still have friends in such a group. Therefore you still meet up occasionally and when the subject of your faith comes up, you try to argue with them or at best you stay silent. Please understand that sitting with such people will cause you to be identified as being a part of them. If you read the rest of the chapter, you will find out what their end will be like.
For those who do not sit with mockers but find it difficult to sit down at the feet of Jesus to learn either because our personal life is so busy or chaotic, Jesus says in Luke 10:41-42 that it is better to spend time in His presence listening to Him than being bogged down in other things. I also encourage you, create the time and you’ll be better for it. An additional benefit is the promise of God in Psalm 110:1 which says The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool.

Tomorrow by God’s grace we’ll pray for the “Standing Christian”.

Help me, Father, to choose my friends carefully. Help me understand that loyalty to you is beneficial to me than my loyalty to friends. Order my steps Lord so I do not end up where you are being mocked.
I also ask that you help me to order my priorities at all times so I create time to spend with you every day. Let your name be glorified in Jesus name.

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