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Genesis 5: 24 – Walk With God

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Enoch walked with God despite God not being physically present with Him. We are told in Hebrews 5:11 that he did not die, rather he was translated to heaven just as Prophet Elijah was too.

Enoch lived in times just before the flood that destroyed the earth. The Bible says there was wickedness in the heart of men and men’s thoughts were wicked. The world today is no different from what transpired back then. Enoch’s life is an example of the life we are meant to live in our generation. To walk with God is to agree with God as Amos 3:3 says can two walk together except they agree?

Walking together with God is walking in tandem, step by step with God. Man is meant to align his steps with God and not the other way round.

You will become friendly and close to the person you walk with every day. As you walk, you’ll share stuff that is close to your heart, your joys and challenges will be a matter for conversation. You will be able to stand up for one another. You will get to know the secrets of God because you will be intimate with Him.

We can only become close to God through Jesus Christ, for he came to bridge the gap between man and God. Today the Holy Spirit is the part of the Godhead that is available to man at all times. You can start a determined walk today by setting apart time to get to know Jesus. Read your Bible, meditate on what you read, decide to be obedient and pray. Be determined to be a witness of Jesus Christ. Spread the Good News.


Lord, I want to be your friend and I want to know you more. I want to walk with you, talk with you, listen to you and be close to your heartbeat. Help me to share our relationship with the world. Let me be a part of what you are doing in these times. Teach me all it takes to walk with you. Let my life be pleasing to you alone in Jesus name. Amen.

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