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1 Samuel 16:11-12 – My Time Has Come

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God instructed Samuel to go and see Jesse the Bethlehemite for He the Lord had made one of Jesse’s sons, king over Israel. Samuel made the journey, met with Jesse and told him to bring his sons for a sacrifice. Jesse obliged him and came along with his sons to the parade. As they stepped in, Samuel saw Eliab and thought; this must be the one for he had the appearance of a king.

Immediately God told Samuel, he wasn’t the chosen one. Samuel the foremost Prophet made a mistake. How many times do those in authority, spiritual and otherwise make mistakes in choosing leaders for different positions? Six other sons came forward and the result was the same. These guys were not the reason that Samuel came all the way from his home. Men tend to be carried away by stature, beauty, wealth, experience, ethnicity, poise, spoken language and much more. The Almighty God who knows the end from the beginning has different criteria. God looks at the heart.

We make decisions affecting marriage, lifelong relationships, business and even in Church. If men are naturally inclined to making a judgment by appearance as we can’t see into a man’s heart, then the proper thing is to seek divine direction before such decisions are made.

Samuel was forced to ask, do you have another son as God had told him the new king was a son of Jesse. Yes, was the response. This last son was keeping the sheep. He was so unimportant that his father didn’t mention his name. It is possible for parents to favour a child compared to other children which could negatively affect destiny.

Men might see you as insignificant but God certainly sees you differently. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and a peculiar people. You are significant in God’s eyes. You matter dearly to your Maker and your blessings will not pass you by.
King Ahasuerus lost his sleep because it was time for Mordecai to be blessed. May your channel of blessing be steered up today in Jesus name.
Samuel said everyone would stand until David arrived. May the welcome party to your uplifting keep standing until you arrive in Jesus name.


Help me to seek you before making any decisions. Let me not rush into any judgment.
My time will not pass me by in Jesus name. My position will not be taken up by another person in Jesus name. By God’s special grace, I will be in the right place and at the right time in Jesus name. I thank you, for I step into my blessings in Jesus name.

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